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Backwards History

Jul 28, 2020

Join the BHP as we dicuss how the media tries to tell you what to think in our episode "Media Manipulation Part 2: MAGA Kid Strikes Back."

Jul 21, 2020

Join the BHP as we discuss another founding father and the current petition craze in our episode "First to Sign the Petition Circa 1776."

Jul 15, 2020

Join the BHP this week as we discuss one of the world's oldest livations in our episode "That Beautiful Brown Liquid."

Jul 7, 2020

Join the BHP as we recover from America's 244th birthday in our episode "Birthday Traditions." Also check out our new merch store
#HappyBirthday #America #Podcasts #Podcasting

Jul 1, 2020

Join the BHP as we talk about a founding father that was killed in a dual to the death in our episode "The Would-Be President... Alexander Hamilton."